Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize how claim holders can manage, access, and monetize their bankruptcy claims. We do this primarily in three ways (click to expand):

Smart Claims

We developed an industry-leading standard for tokenizing bankruptcy claims to make monetization simple and available to everyone. We eliminated the need for centralized custodians, giving our users greater control and immediate access to global marketplaces, loan products, and new investment strategies.

The automated Smart Claim process guides users through a step-by-step questionnaire that calculates the value of their claim, generates standardized legal agreements, and creates a digital tokenized claim using the ERC-721A standard.

The programmability of the ERC-721A standard provides increased flexibility and opens the door for new investment strategies including fractional ownership, automated asset management, derivative products, bundling and index funds, yield farming and staking, automated trading strategies, governance and voting, and custom risk management.

Secure Platform

We developed a secure platform for counterparties to communicate and conduct due diligence for third-party marketplace transactions in a safe and secure environment. In the bankruptcy claims market, fraud and identity theft are significant concerns. Our platform addresses these challenges by integrating Plaid biometric verification, as part of our registration process, and restricting access to confidential records.

When a buyer wants to research a specific Smart Claim, they scan a QR code to create a verified account. After passing Plaid verification, they can access additional claim-specific information and request access to the data room. Once approved by seller, the buyer can review supporting documentation and request additional information.

Our platform automatically generates the legal documents and requires counterparties to esign when the transaction is consummated on third-party marketplaces. If buyer does not sign required legal documents after payment is made, the green indicator on the upper-right side of the Smart Claim will turn red, transparently indicating to the open market that the claim carries additional risks.

RWA Marketplace

We are developing an institutional-grade marketplace for trading tokenized real-world assets. We cannot wait to announce detailed plans for this soon!

Want to learn more about our revolutionary technology? Continue to the next section for details about our features.

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