Smart Claim

A Smart Claim allows you to access loans without having to sell your bankruptcy claim. We make it easy to create a Smart Claim free of charge. We earn an industry low 10% transaction fee on successful trades, and we do not charge anything to access loans.


The Smart Claim is a digitized bankruptcy claim that can access lower-cost loans, around-the-clock trading, faster settlement, and automated transactions without having to rely on expensive intermediaries like brokers and centralized marketplaces.

Greater Access to Loans and Marketplaces

The Smart Claim is revolutionary because claim holders can access loans while waiting for a greater recovery from the bankruptcy estate.

Many sell their bankruptcy claim early because they need money now. Hedge funds know this, which is why they make lowball offers on centralized marketplaces. But the Smart Claim opens up immediate access to liquidity, allowing holders to wait for the right time to sell or until the bankruptcy estate makes distributions.

Continue Receving Bids While Borrowing

A Smart Claim can continue to receive purchase offers even if it is pledged as collateral on a loan. This means that if the right bid is received, you can repay your loan and accept the offer to cash out your claim. It is the best of both worlds.

Earn Rewards on Secondary Trades

The Smart Claim is the ultimate hedge against bankruptcy risk. Every Smart Claim creator earns rewards on secondary trading fees generated by their bankruptcy claim. A creditor no longer has to worry about selling too soon because they can share in the upside in a bankruptcy case.

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